Know your food & beverage costs to the plate and glass level - ALWAYS!

The biggest problem restaurateurs face is knowing how to price their menus for profitability, we provide the solutions to help you easily spot these factors and allow you to make better, timely and effective decisions.

Introduction to Menu Profit Solution

Designed to let you definitively answer the question:      “Is your restaurant making a profit on every item you sell?"

It's time to change how you look at your restaurant!

  You simply need to input your recipes & vendor info on the platform and it can manage planned costs vs. actual costs

      and see where you may be losing profit from. With this data, you build your menus and print them straight from the app, taking advantage of real-time vendor pricing so that you're never blindsided by unexpected cost increases.


  • Easy-to-use dashboard to help completely monitor real-time cost and achieve better profitability

  • Food and Beverage Costing for more efficient profitability gauging and cost management

  • Detailed Cost Breakdown and Reports to help restaurant managers know their menu costs with no outside labor

  • Menu Report reduces complexity for your staff

  • Historic Vendor Cost Tracking to keep your vendors and suppliers accountable

  • Easy Menu Printing straight from the app

  • Printable Ingredients Sheets to simplify ingredient ordering process and help keep chefs informed

  • Recipe Archive that staffs can refer to to help ensure consistency in the organization

  • Industry Averaging to help dynamically evaluate food costs with competitors

  • Menu Ingredient Categories to make ingredient cost reports more visible and easily accessible

  • Menu Batch Categories to help gauge the cost-effectiveness of your labor

  • Menu Plate Categories to help immediately see what plates are generating more sales

  • Menu Category Feature to generate comprehensive reports that show which areas of your menu need work


The complete platform for your menu profitability

Backed by over 30 years of restaurant experience


Our team can assist you in identifying less profitable items on your menu right now.

Ready to maximize your profitability?

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