The Menu Profit Solution App

Is your restaurant struggling with surviving and making enough revenue?


You May Be:

  • Spending too much on ingredients

  • Serving oversized portions

  • Pricing your menu items too low


    Are you sure that you’re still making any profits?


Get Your Business Back on Track TODAY!

  • Book a 15 minute consultation with a seasoned restaurant expert

  • Find out your restaurant’s Top 3 ingredients

  • Utilize a modern solution that will help automate and simplify your menu costing

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There is a Solution

  • See into your menu in a NEW WAY!

  • Ensure that all your menu items are profitable at all times

  • Take back CONTROL of your business!

Why Should You Start Using Menu Profit Solution?

By using the Menu Profit Solution in your business, you will be able to:

  • See all menu items’ true costs to the plate & cocktail level 

  • Quickly see how changing ingredient prices affect your bottom dollar

  • Provide your staff with the ability to view and manage all your vendors, recipes, categories, and menus in one place.

  • Create restricted user roles to allow your staff to manage the app without having to provide complete administrative access.

  • Maintain consistency and accountability in all areas of your business

  • See your restaurant expenses in full detail

  • Cut time and labor costs by simplifying the process of costing out your menus.

  • Eliminate data loss and frustration by making it easy to manage and organize everything in one single app.

  • Visualize how much you purchase in terms of value and quantity for each product

  • Eliminate data loss and frustration by making it easy to manage and organize everything in one single app.

  • View, modify, and print menus straight from the app.

  • Upload and process invoices without spending a lot of time doing manual data entry

  • Use technology in the right way to grow your restaurant business

Here Is Why
You Should Do It Now

  • By getting the app today, you’ll be able to immediately price your menus correctly and avoid any further potential losses.

  • You will also be invited to the Restaurant Network - a community where you can hang out and share insights with other restaurateurs.

  • You will be guided by Dan himself with the setup and onboarding process.


The walk-through of the 2.0 

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