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Empowering Restaurants
to Sustainable Profits

Not a fan of DIY?
Bring Dan in as your personal consultant

  • If you are a chef or a manager that is looking for something more than the app, book or course, this is the option for you
  • Every quarter Dan will work hands-on with one restaurant do create a profitable menu
  • The steps are the same as you will see in his other products, but this is an intensive workshop over a few days, where Dan will lead the restaurant management and team through each steps
  • This is the ultimate option if you want to go through the process quickly and want a seasoned professional by your side. 
  • We can take a “deep dive” into your business and processes, looking at what's useful to your operation, what's important in how things are done, and what's exciting for your customers.
  • Taking a look at the abilities of the various people on all levels of your operation, the consequences of actions in the front of the house, the kitchen, and the office, and how to build trust between all parties in your business, and those outside of it.
  • ​... at first focusing on what to do to build success within your current situation, and then moving on to addressing what can be done to grow that success, with new market strategies, expanding awareness, driving to the best practices, and so on.

Here is how the Consulting service works

  • Leave your contact information in the contact form
  • Explain your challenges briefly
  • Dan will get on a call with you to further understand if your restaurant could be a match for this service
  • If you are accepted into the consulting, Dan will come to your restaurant for three full days
  • Before his arrival you will prepare all the documents and prepare your team
  • The workshop it self will be intense, and the focus will be to create a profitable menu and for your team to understand the dynamics so they can change it up and keep it profitable

Here is what to do next

  • Fill out the contact form
  • Enter some information about your challenges
  • Give as much insight as you can regarding the current situation of your restaurant 
  • Also add any measures you might have done in the past to make your restaurant more profitable

Here Is Why
You Should Do It Now

  • Dan has a waiting list for this service, and not every restaurant is a good match for his service
  • If you are in a critical situation or you are unsure about your menu profitability, you should sign up as soon as possible
  • Siging up DOES NOT guarantee you a spot for this service, but it does guarantee you the attention of Dan
  • He will personally review all the restaurants that apply, and get back to each one personally

Dan Bocik Consulting 

Let us find the rough edges and help you smooth them out, see where practices don't exactly fit while finding ways to get them right-sized, and head off foreseeable conflicts before they can become problematic.



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