Dan Bocik

Below you can see some short facts about me. 
Feel free to reach out if you want to dine in my restaurant or learn how to make a profitable menu. 

  • Over 30 Years Experience

    After more than 25 years of success, chef/owner Dan Bocik continues to impress Chicago diners with his restaurant, a tavola.

  • Thought Leader

    Furthermore, he is also a food service industry thought-leader with exceptional understanding of efficient operations and profitability. Developer of innovative BI tools to drive profitability.

  • Author

    Dan has written a book about restaurant operations. You can read more about the book here.

  • His Restaurant

    Founded in 1995, a tavola pioneered the farm to table concept with its menu featuring the freshest ingredients, hand selected by Chef Dan.

  • Consulting

    Dan is all about sharing knowledge and for restaurants that are looking for something more than a DIY solution, he does consulting when his schedule allows for it.

  • SAAS Entrepreneur

    Now, he is infusing all of his ingredients of success into his consulting, coaching services and his state-of the art technology, the Menu Profit Solution, to help business owners scale and maximize sustainable profitability and success in food service.

Dan is one of the first chef-entrepreneurs who has delved into creating modern tools and solutions that drive profitability and growth to restaurants. Ever since he started working in the food industry, he’s been always fond of conducting various experiments in an attempt to revolutionize restaurant processes.


His decades of experience in the field allowed him to gain the knowledge to develop innovative tools, processes, and systems to guide restaurants from conception through strategy, start-up, operations, and sustainable profitable operation, scale, and legacy.


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