Empowering Restaurants
to Achieve 
Sustainable Profits

  • "I work with chef's, managers and owners of restaurants to realize more profit from their menus by revealing their actual profitability down to the plate and cocktail level."
  • ​"I help them to get and stay in control of their menu by using a system I have developed to solve my own problem as a chef/owner of a restaurant for over 25 years."
  • "​Most clients received an average increase in profitability of over 30%, allowing them to get and stay profitable."

See Dan's Passion For Restaurants. 

Empowering Restaurants
to Achieve 
Sustainable Profits

You've earned the right to succeed!

See Dan's Passion For Restaurants. 


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Dan Bocik Consults Restaurants

Founder of a tavola Restaurant and Mastermind behind a tavola group.

Being a Founder in the hospitality industry since 1995 has allowed me to experience every challenge that comes along when running a restaurant. From hiring reliable staff and pricing profitable menus to developing a marketing strategy for private dining. After many years of research and testing, I am offering my Professional expertise to help you Open, Run and Optimize your Organization.

Meet Dan Bocik

Hi, my name's Dan Bocik, and I'm the founder of

a tavola, an Italian restaurant that has thrived in the competitive Chicago market since 1995.



Let me invite you in to check out the disruptive tools, processes, and systems that I've developed to help your business thrive.”


Menu Profit Solution

See your profits hit an all-time high by letting our modern profitability platform take care of your cost-planning efficiently and effectively.

Restaurant Training

Learn the secrets of running a successful restaurant business. With his decades of experience in the field, Dan will show you how to make your restaurant not only survive, but thrive, even in times of uncertainty.


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Learn only from the best.
Be coached by Dan today and start acquiring exceptional and profitable insights that's backed by his 25+ years of experience in the food service industry.